So, this is my (me) new blog about Sporting Clube de Portugal. I feel I should add some background into why a guy from Manchester is doing a blog about a team from Lisbon.

Yes, I’m far from being Lisbon born and bred and (as far as I’m aware) I have no sort of Portuguese ancestry whatsoever. Still, there was something about this club that sort of grabbed me and they quickly became my second team (behind Manchester United). Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester was my main exposure to the club. After he become a huge favourite here, I decided to check out his first professional club, “Sporting Lisbon”. I soon learned that “Sporting Lisbon” wasn’t their name and I started to get into the club and know the players more and more. I enjoyed watching the likes of Moutinho (yes, I know), Nani, and Liédson playing good football in a superb stadium.

It has become hard for me to truly connect though, there’s little Portuguese football coverage in England, and I have been resigned to streams, translations and luckily some great sites.

So I’ve decided to take it further. I’m going to start my own blog and I’m going to try and learn Portuguese with the end goal of going to the José Alvalade to watch the Leões play.

Força Sporting!

Edit 28/05/12: So the blog has gone well so far and my love for Sporting is increasing. Although I’ve still not seen Sporting play at the Alvalade I have now seen Sporting play in Portugal… at Jamor for the 2012 Taça de Portugal final.

Edit 04/09/13: A week in Lisbon included a superb trip to the Alvalade to watch Sporting thrash Arouca 5-1. Portuguese slightly improving… but not by much.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow…. Just found this blog. Was recommended by Tom from Portugoal.

    Im a a Sporting fan from Manchester. I often travel to watch them… hopefully the next trip being bucharest

    Nucleo Manchester

  2. Amazing blog!

    Iv been watching sporting on and off for a few years and just spent a weekend in Lisbon, needless to say my love of sporting has now grown!

    I’m not sure there are many sporting fans in Devon mind!

  3. I love your blog Richard. It is good to be able to read about Sporting in English. I have had a soft spot for Sporting for many years but over the last year I have been following SCP quite closely. Being a Celtic supporter, the green & white hoops are irresistible. I have made many Sporting friends on Facebook. I am also a huge fan of a wonderful web site called verdebranco.net which is dedicated to Sporting shirts and other green & white hooped shirts from all over the world. It is very frustrating having to watch Sporting matches on poor quality internet streams. I wish we could watch Portuguese football on UK television. Keep up the good work. Daniel Glasgow

  4. Taste of Portugal in Salford shows all the games and has all Portuguese beers and snacks. It’s is abit outside the city but worth the journey..

  5. It´s amazing to see people outside Portugal who love Sporting CP trying to follow the team.
    For me, one of the most passionate things is to see foreign people follow my club, the sensation is just unexplicable, to see my club being recognized and loved oversea.

    PS: Sorry about my english.

    • Thanks, Bruno. It helps that every time I’ve seen them play I’ve felt incredibly welcome by other Sportinguistas. It’s an amazing club.

      (Your english is excellent)

  6. Portuguese born lifelong Sportinguista here who has been living in the UK for most of his life. Well done for creating this blog! What’s even more surprising is that the author of this blog is not Portuguese or from Portugal but has clearly dedicated a lot of his time and effort to writing about and following Sporting! Very impressed.

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