OFFICIAL: Marcos Rojo to Manchester United, Nani Returns on Loan

The protracted Marcos Rojo saga came to an end yesterday when Manchester United and Sporting agreed terms for a €20,000,000 transfer with winger Nani returning to Sporting for a season long loan.

With Sporting now owing 100% Marcos Rojo’s economic rights it means a large profit for the club although Doyen Sports are likely to go to court. Sporting have however paid Doyen back the initial investment the company made in the player. Meanwhile €4,000,000 goes to Rojo’s former club Spartak Moscow as previously agreed in Rojo’s original transfer.

Sporting will receive €10,000,000 immediately – with a further €5,000,000 coming on January 1st 2015 and then against on July 1st 2015.

Most of the profit will go to building a new pavilion for the club which had already received €1,000,000 in fan donations.

Marcos Rojo will complete his medical at Carrington this morning because the transfer is finalised.

Manchester United will also pay all of Nani’s wages for his season long loan. The winger could re-debut this weekend against Arouca after leaving the club in summer 2007.


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