Leonardo Jardim Leaves Sporting

As expected Leonardo Jardim has left support and was announced in a press conference by Bruno de Carvalho, Augusto Inácio and Leonardo Jardim at the Alvalade tonight. Although Jardim refused to say whether he will be joining Monaco he is expected to be presented as Monaco manager shortly.

Similarly Bruno de Carvalho refused to comment on whether a new manager had been chosen (although Marco Silva will no doubt be unveiled by the end of the week).

At the press conference the coach said: “Sporting SAD and coach Leonardo Jardim reached an agreement for the termination of his contract”. Bruno de Carvalho also revealed the club will receive a fee of €3,000,000 for the Leonardo Jardim although this could rise depending on the coach’s success in Ligue 1. Should Jardim return to manager another Portuguese club within the next 4 years then Sporting would be owed €15m.

The President went on to say: “We have to thank [Leonardo Jardim] for all of his professionalism and the way he dedicated [himself] to Sporting”.

Bruno de Carvalho went onto say that the door was always open for Jardim to return “We ended this relationship with feelings of respect and friendship”

“It was a very good year in terms of what we had envisioned for Sporting.”

Leonardo Jardim followed by saying “Thank you to the president for having faith in me. It was with great pride that I worked here.”

Jardim has done brilliantly well to restore Sporting as a force in Portuguese football after the omnishambles of the 2012/2013 season. Jardim was in charge for 35 games in total resulting in 23 wins, 8 draws and only 4 defeats leaving a total winning percentage of just under 66%.


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