Transfer News 13/01/14

Another round up of the most recent news and rumours…

The incredibly awful newspaper the Daily Mail has been reporting that Nani could be set with a very surprising return to Sporting. With the winger seemingly out of David Moyes’ plans at Manchester United the paper speculates that Nani could be set for a loan move back to his former club. How Sporting would manage to afford his wages is, of course, not mentioned.

Nani had spent time at the Academia Sporting last year when it seemed he was again about to leave Manchester. For his part Bruno de Carvalho said it the player would “always be welcome” to return to the club.

His move could be made easier should André Carrillo’s agent get his way. The agent was taking to the Peruvian press when he said his player wants to leave the Alvalade before the end of the month. It would be unlikely that Sporting would sell without a high fee but newspaper Record says the club are ready to listen to proposals.

Meanwhile Islam Slimani is being linked with almost every Premier League club with Cardiff City, West Ham United and Fulham being some of those most referenced.


6 thoughts on “Transfer News 13/01/14

  1. So whats the deal with the supposed Montero loan buyout that was being reported from the Sporting side? Seattle denies that it is true. Is Sporting President Bruno Carvalho blowing smoke to make the supporters believe he is spending money. Its just that if it was finalized MLS in the United States would be promoting the transfer like crazy because the reported 10-12 million euros would be the largest in MLS history for an outgoing transfer. Is it also possible that it was a ruse to make teams believe that Sporting purchased Montero to get teams like Malaga among others to believe he isnt readily available for any price short of thr 60 million euro buyout?

  2. I’m not 100% certain to be honest. As far as I’m aware Fredy Montero and the clubs have essentially agreed that the player will be bought and he has contract terms ready but I don’t think it will be official until the summer. I hope it’s sorted, anyway.

    I can’t imagine the president will be stupid enough to give some of the Spanish teams watching a chance to steal him,

  3. Well initially the reports in Seattle were that it was a straight loan for 5 YEARS and that Sporting would have to miss one of the predetermined loan payments for Seattle to even be able to shop him elsewhere. So the only reason I could see Sporting wanting to buy him is to sell him otherwise they have him on loan. Now I do know that there are escalators like goals scored, Champions league qualification, etc. that would make the annual payment up to 5.5 million euros which over 5 years would mean they pay 25 million. So buying him out at 12 million could save them money if Champions League qualification was something that happened yearly.

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