Leões/Lions Awards 2013

First off, apologies.. I’ve been a badblogger for a while. Twitter’s just so much easier to pay attention to do. I don’t actually have to write things down. Besides, it’s been a rough season. It’s been the Sportingequivalent of Grave of the Fireflies.

Secondly, huzzah! It’s the second annual Leões/Lions Awards! There have not been too many things that were award worthy this year but I’ll try my best.

I realise there’s one more game left to play but.. what the hell!

Let’s kick things off then.

Goal of the Season: Ricky van Wolfswinkel (1st) vs. Braga (link) – Not to take away from the lovely diving header that finished the move but the cross from André Martins is what put this goal as my number one. Cédric hit the ball forward for André Martins to run onto and the cross was just a product of perfect technique and the finish capped off what was our best moves all season long.
Runners Up: Bruma vs. Gil Vicente (link), Cédric vs. Nacional (link), Ricky van Wolfswinkel vs. Guimarães (link)

Worst Signing of the Season: Khalid Boulahrouz – It’s been a pretty terrible period of signings from Sporting especially after the promise of the last year. Far from going from young-ish players with potential (Carrillo, Jeffrén, Capel, van Wolfswinkel) it seemed this season was a return to signing older players. Many of them did not do very well but I think Boulahrouz was perhaps the worst. Just remember him being sent off in the Benfica match at the Alvalade. It was a telling sign that Marcos Rojo only started to really improve when he was in central defence with Tiago Ilori instead.
Runners Up: Danijel Pranjic (how did he ever play for Bayern?), Gelson Fernandes (added nothing to the team, like Rinaudo without the energy)

Signing of the Season: Fabrice Fokobo – It’s been slim pickings to think of our best signings. Fabrice Fokobo has hardly played that much first team football for Sporting but on pure potential he looks like he could turn into a very good signing. The performance against Porto stands out and, of course, his goal against Tottenham Hotspur in the NextGen series. Wow.
Runners Up: Marcos Rojo (only started to settle near the end of the season), Zakaria Labyad (potentially a very talented player but has failed to show much of it so far)

Young (U-23) Player of the Season: André Martins – It took until Jesualdo Ferreira’s appointment for André Martins to really get much of a run in the first team but he has shown he’s one of our classiest players. Without him in the side the team look even less likely of ever creating a chance.
Runners Up: Eric Dier (just missed out on the award, looks like a great prospect), Tiago Ilori (really benefiting from first team football)

B-Team Player of the Season: Ricardo Esgaio – Adaptable and a great finish it seems Ricardo Esgaio’s development has massively improved thanks to the B-Team. Had he not been required for first team commitments he would have scored even more.
Runners Up: Eric Dier (that freekick vs. Benfica B, phwoar), Bruma (improving greatly but needs more time)

Player of the Season: Rui Patrício – As always, São Patrício. Please never leave us. Although he probably finally will this season after having just made his 250th appearance for the club it’s depressing to think where we would be without him. The only player who gives 100% every single week)
Runners Up: Diego Capel (has the knack of finding goals when they’re needed most and constantly runs his socks off), Fabián Rinaudo (all heart and all passion)

Godinho Lopes Award for Being Shit: Godinho Lopes. This award needs no explanation.
Runners Up: Godinho Lopes, Godinho Lopes


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