News Round Up / We’re Back!

Apologies one and all, for the pure laziness of your blogger (since I’ve gone… Sporting even won a game). So, here’s a round up of some of the more recent stories I’ve missed (not all – I don’t have all day.

Vice-President Carlos Barbosa has resigned with the club saying his reorganisation of the commercial structure is done. I’m not sure what this really means to the club.

Unsurprisingly after his moment of madness, Valeri Bojinov has been loaned to Lecce. Don’t expect to ever see him return and the Bulgarian will probably be sold in summer for an incredibly cheap price. Lecce do have am apparent €2.5m buy-out cause at the end of the season but other clubs may well be interested.

Yannick Djaló incredibly ended his transfer limbo by moving to not Nice or Aston Villa… but Benfica. Yep. It’s fairly satisfying to know that Benfica fans will also soon become incredibly frustrated by his combination of great-talent-bad-brain.

Now your blogger will not be here to post about this weekend’s clash against Gil Vicente but rumours are that Marat Izmailov, Fabián Rinaudo could be in line to start although Ricky van Wolfswinkel may need another week to wait.


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