Fabián Rinaudo Could Be Out for 4 Months

With the result largely insignificant the worst part of last night’s 1-0 loss to FC Vaslui was the injury of Fabián Rinaudo. The Argentina midfielder injured himself whilst intercepting a pass inside the first ten minutes of the game and was replaced by André Santos.

The extend of the injury appears to be worrying with the player arriving back in Lisbon on a wheelchair to go under further treatment. There is speculation that Rinaudo has broken both his tibia and fibula which could put him out for 4 months.

Rinaudo will have to undergo further tests before further information can be released about the true extend of the player’s injury.

The injury is a massive blow to Sporting with the combative Fabián Rinaudo being a central part of the team’s formation protecting the defence. It means André Santos will have to step up to try and fill his position until the Argentine can return.


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