Yannick Djaló Still in Transfer Limbo

Yannick Djaló remains in transfer limbo as his deadline day transfer to OGC Nice still remains incomplete.

Initially all seemed well with the transfer and it seemed the Sporting forward would be on his way to play in Ligue 1 after a €4,500,000 transfer to Nice (although this transfer figure is in doubt with some sources saying it could be as low as €1,000,000).

FIFA though have since decided that the transfer can not be completed due to the appropriate documents not being completed before the transfer deadline. It seems that his is a possible error by Nice with Sporting’s documents having been sent in good time.

Now, OGC Nice’s officials have lodged an appeal against FIFA as they claim the deal was done with 3 minutes left to spare, and will be looking into finding a way to complete the transfer.

Yannick has been in France with his possible new team and has even played a friendly for them but could now have to wait until January to make a permanent move.


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