Patrício Uncertain of Future

With the continuing links of Rui Patrício to a move away from Sporting, and with a likely destination being to Manchester as a replacement for the retiring Van Der Sar it’s unsurprising that much has been made of Patrício throwing his shirt into the crowd last night.

It seemed to many to be Patrício giving a farewell to the Sporting faithful in the last home match of the season but the goalkeeper has tried to distance his actions from being perceived as a goodbye. “It was not a farewell” said the Portuguese international after the game “it was an appreciation for the support they gave.”

The rumours will still persist regardless until a finalised deal is done, or until the transfer window slams shut. Patrício, who made his debut as a Leão in 2006, was noncommittal to the club, saying he was unsure where his future lay “Anything can happen. I’m very happy at Sporting, and for me the most important is to continue working and developing. “


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