André Carrillo destined for Sporting

Sporting look almost certain finalise the deal for Peruvian youngster, André Carrillo today. A Bola is reporting that the transfer is all but finalised and there seems to be little in the way of the player joining Sporting, besides the almost routine medical tests.

Sporting will he playing around £890,000 (€1,000,000) for 80-85% ownership rights of the player. What Carrillo’s soon-to-be former club Alianza Lima can do wit that extra 15-20% is a mystery and essentially just means Sporting will at some point have to pay more for the club (perhaps another €200,000 to even the percentage) should the youngster make the grade in Lisbon.

Carrillo is now set to sort out his visa for entering Portugal before going for a medical with Sporting, and he is then sent to begin a brand new 5-year deal, as well as becoming the first new signing under new president, Godinho Lopes.

There’s little known outside of Peru of the young forward, but at only 19 he almost certainly will be in one of the best places to improve and mature as a footballer in Europe.


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